About the Symposium

The purpose of the symposium is the exchange of scientific information, the establishment of scientific contacts and the planning on this basis of joint scientific research in the field of fundamental and applied problems of reliability and quality; as well as communication of scientists, industry representatives, specialists, applicants and graduate students:
• on fundamental and applied problems of reliability, safety and quality of design, production, operation and maintenance of complex high-tech technical products;
• on the problems of the development and implementation of methods and tools to improve reliability and quality, innovative information and communication technologies in science, production and education;
• on the problems of training highly qualified personnel.
This will allow us to multilaterally assess the status of work, develop and implement optimal schemes and ways of developing basic and applied research, high technology, and education, which is confirmed by many years of international practice.

Directions of work (section):
1. The fundamental foundations of reliability, quality, safety.
The section is led by the vice-president of the symposium N. A. Severtsev, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Russia; Doctor of technical sciences, professor, USSR State Prize laureate, vice admiral engineer, an outstanding scientist in the field of fundamental problems of system security, stability and efficiency of dynamic systems.

2. Physical and mathematical methods and models for ensuring reliability, quality, information security.
The section is headed by V.A. Kashtanov, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, USSR State Prize Laureate, student A. Solovyov, author of manuals "Theory of Reliability of Unrecoverable Systems (Mathematical Theory of Reliability)", "Theory of Reliability of Recoverable Systems", "Mathematical problems of the theory of exploitation." Operations Research "," Elements of the theory of random processes ", etc.

3. Physico-chemical principles of design and technological support for the production of highly reliable equipment.
The section is headed by O.V. Abramov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Head of the Laboratory for the Control of Reliability of Complex Systems, Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok), an outstanding scientist in the field of design theory , production and operation of complex technical systems, taking into account parametric disturbances and reliability requirements, which has developed a functional-parametric approach to the problem of ensuring the reliability of technical systems.

4. Information and communication technologies in education, design, production and economics.
The section is headed by V.A.Shakhnov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, head of the scientific school “Design and Technological Informatics in Radio Electronics”, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the USSR State Prize, Council Prizes USSR Ministers, Prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Design and Technology of Electronic Equipment, MSTU named after N. E. Bauman, an outstanding specialist in the field of creating new types of electronic equipment and methods for their design, under the supervision of odstvom which developed resource-saving methodology for structural design of electronic equipment, operating under quasi-static and dynamic loading.

5. Methods and means of ensuring the accuracy of physical measurements, control and diagnostics.
The section is headed by S.U. Uvaisov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, twice Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation, a well-known and recognized specialist in the field of technical diagnostics. He developed the concept of organizing integrated diagnostic support for automated direction finding systems for monitoring and air traffic control. Introduced more than fifty rational proposals aimed at improving the reliability and efficiency of the equipment. The author of the fundamental work "Methods for diagnosing radio-electronic devices of control systems throughout their life cycle."

6. Fundamental principles of standardization, testing, quality management and certification.
The section is headed by G.S.Sadykhov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, chief research associate of MSTU. N.E. Bauman, a leading researcher at the Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who developed the fundamental scientific foundations for assessing and monitoring the safety of technologically dangerous facilities. Introduced safety indicators allow you to determine the time intervals for the operation of technical facilities with a given level of security, as well as to plan safety testing of facilities. Scientific results in the field of assessments and control of the residual resource have made a significant contribution to fundamental science and have found wide engineering application in the tasks of extending the assigned resource of technical objects.

7. Systemic methods for ensuring the reliability and safety of biological and cyberphysical systems.
Section Head:
 VP Savchenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, major organizer of industrial production of special equipment, an outstanding scientist in the field of production and maintenance of computer systems for air defense and missile defense, chief designer of ultra-long detection radar for the Voronezh-M missile attack warning system . Cavalier of the Order of Honor. Currently V.P. Savchenko - Deputy Executive Director, Defense Solutions Division, RTI OJSC;
A.G. Shaiko-Shaikovsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, professor of the department vocational and technological education and general physics Chernivtsi National University. Yuri Fedkovich. Outstanding Synthesis Specialist effective methods of using different fixing systems and structures to create stable functional osteosynthesis in biotechnological systems; biomechanical assessment of the stability of fixation of fractures by blocking intramedullary designs of different models.

Publication of articles
Collection of articles "Proceedings of the International Symposium Reliability and Quality" is a peer-reviewed journal, which is included in the bibliographic database RSCI .
The book of works will be published at the beginning of the symposium and distributed during its work to participants who paid the registration fee. The organizing committee does not assume responsibility for sending out the book of works.

Reports of no more than 10 m.p.s. (with illustrations, tables and bibliography) are sent on electronic media or sent by e-mail, and also duplicated on paper in 1 copies with the application of the participant, information about the authors and the examination certificate on the absence in the materials of information prohibited for publication in the open press. The article should contain the UDC, as well as the title, list of authors, abstract and keywords in Russian and English. Detailed information is available in the section "Participants". 

A prerequisite is the presence in the report of at least two references to articles posted in previous issues of the journal "Proceedings of the International Symposium Reliability and Quality" either in the journal "Reliability and Quality of Complex Systems".

For the best publications, the Organizing Committee issues recommendations for the publication of the best materials in Higher Attestation Commission journals: «Measuring equipment», «Telecommunication», «Heavy machinery», «University proceedings. Volga region. Technical science», «Measurements. Monitoring. Management. Control» и «Reliability and quality of complex systems».

Symposium Planned Events

• Semi-final selection of projects for the support program for young scientists «UMNIK» in six scientific areas.
• Exposition «Science and high-tech production of the twenty-first century».
• International Correspondence Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists, Specialists and Students « Innovative technologies in design and production».
• Competition of student research and innovation projects.
• Short-term training courses for teachers on the subject «Quality management and ensuring the reliability of complex technical systems» (volume 72 hours) with the issuance of state certificate. Mandatory pre-registration of participants.
• Excursions to the museum-estate of M.Yu. Lermontov «Tarkhany», Crystal Museum in Nikolsk and other sights of the Penza region.

It is planned to hold a round table for discussion on the following topics:

• assessment of professional risks of industrial enterprises and training organizations (features of quantitative assessment of professional risk);
• new requirements of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation for the preparation of instructions and rules for labor protection;
• features of the application of professional standards "Specialist in the field of labor protection" and the draft professional standard "Specialist in training labor protection in organizations".

History of the symposium

The symposium has a long history, which began with scientific and technical conferences on the problems of reliability of electronic equipment, held since 1984 Department of Design and Production of Radio Equipment " Penza State University in Penza. Geography, the composition of participants, the subject of reports gradually expanded, and as a result, the conference turned into an international symposium.